XDR implementation report 3/17/97 in support of advancing XDR to DS ------------------------------------------------------ Name of Implementation: Solaris 2.5.1's RPC/XDR Organization/Vendor: SunSoft, Inc. Implemented features: all Platforms: Solaris 2 SPARC, Solaris 2 x86 Lineage of code: Based on the first RPC/XDR implemenation (circa) 1984 for Sun's SunOS 2.0/mc68k platform by Bob Lyon. Much of the code is still unchanged. Sun has developed XDR packages for flat memory spaces and scatter gather buffering systems like socket mbufs and Streams mblks Point of Contact: Alex Chiu (hacker@Eng.Sun.Com) Claimed Interoperability: The code is tested annually at Connectathon, in which dozen's of implementors test interoperability of NFS, NIS, NIS+, and RPC/XDR. NFS, NIS, NIS+ all use RPC/XDR. Connectathon has been an annual affair since 1985 (one year in the 90s was skipped). Implementors at Connectathon have included: Sun, Pyramid, Gould Computer, MIPS, SGI,Sun's PC-NFS group, IBM, Digital Equipment, HP, FTP Software. Report By: Mike Eisler ------------------------------------------------------ Name of Implementation: 4.3 BSD's XDR code in NFS Organization/Vendor: Rick Macklem Implemented features: for XDR all. For RPC, probably all but float & double Platforms: 4.4BSD on x86 Lineage of code: This appears to be a from scratch implementation. It inlines the use of XDR rather than producing xdr code derived from RPC language compiler. Point of Contact: Rick Macklem (rick@snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca) Claimed Interoperability: I've personally tested it against a Solaris 2.5 NFS/TCP implementation to make sure Report By: Mike Eisler ------------------------------------------------------ Name of Implementation: ILU Sun RPC support Organization/Vendor: Xerox/PARC Implemented features: encoding/decoding of Integer (signed and unsigned, regular and Hyper), Floating-point (regular, double-precision, and quadruple-precision), Array (fixed and variable length), Structure, Boolean, Opaque (fixed and variable), String, Discriminated Union, Optional-data. We do not implement the XDR language, only the encoding forms (we use OMG IDL or ILU ISL for the structure definitions), and so we trivially do not implement `void', `constant', and `typedef', as they are language-only forms. Platforms: Byte addressable ANSI C systems. Lineage of code: Original, from RFC 1832. Point of Contact: ilu-core@parc.xerox.com (code available via ftp://ftp.parc.xerox.com/pub/ilu/ilu.html). Claimed Interoperability: Verified interoperability (on the subset of functionality implemented) on various platforms with Sun's standard implementation. Report By: Bill Janssen