RIP V2 Implementation Report Received from WG Chair along with the request that RIPv2 be elevated to Standard Status. Report was received on September 30, 1997. Note: A complete implementation includes support for the following features: Authentication (cleartext password) Subnet Mask Route Tag Next Hop Multicast MIB Complete implementations have been reported for: ACC Bay Networks (2 independent implementations from Wellfleet and Xylogics) Cabletron Cisco OpenROUTE Proteon Rad Network Devices Shiva Telebit Communications A/S Protocol implemented, MIB unknown: FreeBSD 2.x NetBSD Compliance testing: Midnight Networks ANVL 3.8A1 Tested against - ACC, Bay Networks (both), OpenROUTE Interoperability testing: Cisco against Bay Networks (both) OpenROUTE against Bay Networks (both) Telebit against Bay (Xylogics) Large-scale production use: Bay Networks Concentric